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"When you can't run, you crawl.
When you can't crawl, you find someone to carry you." - J.W.

Stand-by-me Heroes NFP is a 501_C_3 focused on answering the call of our heroes, Veterans and First Responders, silently crying out for someone to Stand-by-me while suffering from PTSD or other traumas.  Our foundation is based on three (3) non-negotiable principles as we are faith-based, utilizing a grass-roots approach, and our leadership operates in unanimity.   

Our focus is to answer this call of our heroes seeking, pleading for someone to Stand-by-me by providing helps to our heroes suffering through PTSD and other traumatizing events through effective faith-based principles to guide the spirit, mind, and soul utilizing effective and fundamental tools that can strengthen character through Faith and Hope. 

We should never wait for modern bureaucracy to work and we have an obligation, a soul responsibility to be our hero’s keepers.