Cold to Light Program

Mission:  There are a multitude of indigenous veterans and veterans from previous wars, dating back to the civil war, which have passed onto glory.  Many of these veterans have been cremated and stored in facilities until they are claimed by family which has not occurred.  This program is focused on changing this situation by working with the system to take responsibility and moved these heroes to a final resting place with dignity and the honor due them.  We are not judges thus we are not concerned with past history, but, only that they served this country and should come to an honorable conclusion.

The How.  Stand-by-me Heroes NFP (SBMH) Chapters will recruit representatives, Chaplains, Ministers, Priests, Rabbis, and others that will research and coordinate this activity by taking the following fundamental steps:

  • The SBMH representative will research and work with other veteran organizations, or others that choose to provide support, to those veterans that have not been claimed.
  • SBMH will work with the National Team, local Chapter, and others toward accepting responsibility for this veteran.
  • SBMH will contact organizations to support this effort providing an escort Team such as Rolling Thunder, Patriot Guard, Legion Riders, as well as, civilian organizations that desire to honor a veteran and/or First Responder.
  • An assigned SBMH volunteer Chaplain and escort will transport that hero to a national cemetery, or private, and collectively perform an honorable service.

This is not an action where any would attempt to take credit for such an action, but, comrades, family, and friends focused on making every effort to provide an honorable end for all those who served.