Foxhole Soul Counselor Program

Stand-my-me Heroes NFP® (SBMH) follows a faith-based and grass-roots approach operating as small squads operate and support each other, and family members, in peace time and war.  We seek to impact this number of 22-30 suicide rate per day.

This key program is a personal commitment as a Foxhole Soul Counselor offering community-based one-on-one support targeted to Veterans and First Responders of all ages who are silently suffering from PTSD or other traumas.  Using call signs, to protect individual’s identity, we offer 1 on 1 and family soul counseling focused on a grass-roots approach through empathic listening, education, small team support, and utilizing community resources to improve their quality of life.  Foxhole Soul Counselors provide 8 to 10 hours per month, as well as, receiving virtual training covering the covenant of this organization. 

1.     Sphere of Support: Provides an average 8-10 hours of soul counseling care per month that enables the veteran and/or First Responders to focus on strategies that are vital to spiritual and physical health and well-being.  Counseling activities include active listening and empowerment.  All activities are non-medical in nature.  Simply stated we hear the call of our Heroes quietly pleading for someone to 'Stand-by-me.'

2.     Information Dissemination on Veteran Medical Conditions:   Foxhole Soul Counselors can provide educational advocacy on various medical conditions (e.g., traumatic brain injuries, physical disabilities, post-traumatic stress disorders, environmental-chemical illnesses) as experienced veterans and their civilian support team, supporting our heroes.  Members are strictly prohibited from offering medical advice, diagnosing and/or other medical therapies.

3.     Supporting and Creating Peer-to-Peer Networks:  Foxhole Soul Counselors and teams can provide information and support to Veterans, First Responders and their Families to identify and link them to various proven support venues (e.g., on-line chat networks, existing or new veteran/military support groups, Facebook, web-based resources). 

4.     Foxhole Soul Counselor Transitional Services:  Soul Counseling and other support services may be provided to Veteran and/or First Responders and Families who are transitioning from medical facilities to home-based care and vice versa.  Foxhole Soul Counselors, if equipped, can serve as individual and family navigators during this transition period. Members may not give advice or participate in activities that require medical solutions and or medical therapies administrated by professionals.

5.     Transportation Services:  Foxhole Soul Counselors should not provide transportation services to medical appointments, pharmacy needs, shopping or other essential places.  However, transportation support is optional and can be provided at the sole discretion of the Foxhole support staff assuming one owns required personal liability coverage.

6.     Same Gender Services: Male Foxhole Soul Counselors must refrain from isolated visits with the opposite gender and must work in pairs, as well as, notify the Chapter Board and Senior Chaplain immediately.


(Refer to Chapter Guide)

All Foxhole Soul Counselors are required to participate in the Foxhole Counselor Volunteer training sessions and sign the Covenant of Understanding before initiating identity as a Foxhole Soul Counselor with Stand-by-me Heroes (SBMH).

Counselor Duties:

Agrees and commits to operating under these 3 non-negotiable foundational concepts:

  1. We are and will always remain a Faith-based organization.

  2. Our perspective and methods will follow a Grass-roots approach.

  3. All Corporate and Chapter programs require unanimity by its leadership

Section 301F.  Senior or Foxhole Soul Counselor

  1. This individual(s), man and/or woman, is in unanimity with its Chapter, and National Board.

  2. will be up to date on all training requirements set by National and Chapter.

  3. will follow and enforce security measures defined by SBMH (NFP).

  4. will be a spiritual leader.


            Note: Not following this professional guideline can result in dismissal and other legal actions.

  6. will provide physical and spiritual helps to individuals and their families in need.

  7. will partner and work in pairs and coordinate with Chapter Foxhole Chaplain on all cases.

  8. will build a rapport with local veteran organizations favoring neither.  Example.  The Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) and American Legion (AL) utilize highly effective Service Officers to assist the veterans with administration such as denial of promised VA support.

Section 301g

  1. Will ensure call signs are always utilized to protect identities and ensure minimal information is maintained.

  2. Will NOT share contact information with those not directly on the support team.  One may share situations and best practices, but, will not share personal information internally or externally. 

Special Conditions:

  • Must have own telephone
  • Must be flexible in terms of service activities schedule
  • Must have dependable transportation

Members with Disabilities:
SBMH strives to reach out to members who contribute a diverse set of skills and life experiences to the program.  Applicants will be selected on the merits of their application and whether or not they can perform the essential project activities, with or without reasonable accommodation of their mental or physical disabilities.  Reasonable accommodations will be made for individuals with disabilities provided they are not unduly burdensome or alter the fundamental design of the program.  However, the organization must prove and document any such findings or decision.  

Minimum Requirements:

  • Enrollment as a Foxhole Counselor member with a signed SBMH Covenant of Understanding
  • Certified as a U.S. national or a lawful permanent resident alien of the United States
  • At least 21 years of age
  • At least a high school diploma, GED or agree to obtain one while serving
  • Clean State Criminal Background Check and National Sex Offender Public Registry (NSOPR).

Note:  Foxhole Soul Counselors are not employees of the SBMH organization but volunteers. Moreover, members are not allowed to perform employee’s duties or otherwise displace employees.